During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Droom en Daad Foundation launched the Makersloket; a quick service point for art projects. Meanwhile, the measures have been lifted and the Makersloket is closed. It is no longer possible to submit an application.

Especially during the continuing measures around COVID-19 there is a need for art: work that is ambitious and controversial, investigative and exciting or recognisable and reassuring.

The Droom en Daad Foundation wants to support the wonderful artists of Rotterdam with the Makersloket. With a quick financial boost for professional art projects, artists can get started immediately.

During two application rounds in April and May 2021, Rotterdam-based artists could submit an application for a contribution to their art project. The Makersloket is currently closed. It is no longer possible to submit an application

Extension of deadline

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the deadline to complete an awarded project has been postponed. A project supported by the Makersloket must be presented, completed and evaluated before 31 December 2022 at the latest.

Evaluation of awarded projects
Click here for the evaluation form to evaluate a completed art project.

Once a grant has been awarded, it is paid out in two instalments. The first installment of 90% has been transferred within five working days after granting. Within three months after the end of the project, the artist completes a final evaluation via the aforementioned evaluation form. After receipt of the evaluation, the second installment (10%) will be transferred.

Terms and conditions

Download the terms and conditions here (only available in Dutch)


There are currently no plans for a new application round. If Stichting Droom en Daad decides to organize a new application round, this will be announced via the newsletter.

Questions and other requests regarding the Makersloket can be sent by email to Questions about the Makersloket will not be answered by telephone.

A contribution can have consequences for governmental support. Because this differs per individual / organisation, we cannot make any statements about the exact consequences. If you have any questions about this subject, we recommend that you contact the tax authorities or a tax specialist. For more information, see the website of the National Government on the financial support.

You do not need to promote the Droom en Daad Foundation. We believe it is important that the audience's attention is fully focused on your art project.

We recommend that you always discuss with your own adviser which VAT rules are applicable to your activity.A donation from the Droom en Daad Foundation always includes mandatory taxes and levies. A donation (without direct compensation in return) is in general not taxable for VAT.If you are going to carry out a free-for-public activity as an independent artist, it is possible that the activity is not considered as a “taxed entrepreneurial activity”. In that case, you may not be able to reclaim VAT on the costs incurred. Whether you, as a self-employed artist, have to pay VAT on your own fee will depend on your own personal circumstances (for example, if you can make use of the ‘kleineondernemersregeling’ or the ‘artiestenregeling’ you do not charge VAT on your fee).If from consultation with your own adviser it becomes clear that it is not possible to reclaim VAT or that you have to pay VAT on your own fee, then the VAT may be included in the budget as part of the costs. Including VAT does not affect the maximum amount of the donation of € 7,500.